1st ESOT Education Campfire

09:00 – 12:50  1st ESOT Education Campfire

Educational sessions, in an interactive campfire setting, are scheduled throughout all morning offering participants the ideal opportunity to benefit from expertise and engage in enthralling topical discussions on the following areas.

09:00        Welcome and introduction 
                Vassilios Papalois, Education Committee Chair 

09:10        Presentation of the Campfire format and themes 
​                Frank Dor, Education Committee Vice-Chair


09:20 – 09:35         
Theme 1: European Transplant Fellowship and Mentorship Programs. The time has come to learn from each other
                Introduced by Sandhu Bynvant, London, United Kingdom

 This is where we will discuss:
•    New avenues in transplant education, training and professional development.
•    Transplant programs across Europe


09:35 – 09:50        
Theme 2: Keep Calm, you are not alone with your decision: The MDT is here to help
​                Introduced by Herold Metselaar, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This is where we will discuss:
•    Decision making when part of a multidisciplinary transplant team


09:50 – 10:10        
Theme 3: Tools to deal with the information Tsunami. How to become an Information Master                                        
​               Introduced by: Simon Knight, Oxford, United Kingdom 
​                                     Luca Toti, Rome, Italy

This is where we will discuss:
•    How to master the tsunami of medical information
•    Quality lifelong learning


10:10– 10:25         
Theme 4: The DO’s and DON’Ts of starting and growing a new transplant program
                Introduced by Andrew Ready, Birmingham, United Kingdom

This is where we will discuss:
•    The Aim and the Motivation
•    The Best Approach for a deep-rooted and long lasting program


10:25 – 11:30        Light the fire! 
                            Group discussion over presented themes 


11:30 – 12:15         Get together
                             Reports from groups


12:15 – 12:50         Summary of the outcomes from the campfire and take home actions
                             Vassilios Papalois, Education Committee Chair 
​                ​             Frank Dor, Education Committee Vice-Chair


Who should attend: Any Transplant Professional from Senior to Generation Y




The ESOT Education Committee is dedicated to: 

  • Promoting the overall educational philosophy and programmes of ESOT
  • Organising and supporting the advanced courses which are part of the formal ESOT education pathway
  • Collaborating with the ECs of Transplant Societies across Europe and beyond to promote transplant education in a mutually beneficial way
  • Provide quality control for the UEMS-ESOT Exams in Transplantation, Surgery, Medicine, Coordination and Immunology


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