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All participants of ESOT 2015 are invited to submit abstracts of scientific communications either for oral or poster presentations, which will be reviewed by the International Board of Reviewers.

Each submitter will be able to choose abstract type among three categories:

  • Oral: The traditional “Full oral” presentation is 10 minutes long (7 minutes for presentation, 3 minutes Q&A’s)
  • Poster: Posters for ESOT 2015 will be accepted and presented as ePosters ONLY. A digital version of the poster will be required after you have received notification of acceptance of your abstract.
    You will be supplied with a template for this submission.
  • Video: Abstracts selected for video presentations will be evaluated separately and submitters will be informed of its acceptance in time for the full video to be presented and evaluated.
    Categories: Basic Science, Clinical, Surgical
    Guidelines for Video submission:
    - Your video should present a new technique, a new method, a new approach in the laboratory, in the operating theatre or on the ward 
    - Your video should be self-made
    - Video will be presented during dedicated session. The total allocated time for each presention is 10 minutes. Within this time we forseen 7 minutes in total for the presentation – this includes 3' max 4' video and 3' or 4' for the oral exposition by the presenter + 3 minutes for Q&A's
    - Video submitter/presenter should be a transplant professionals < 40 years


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