ECTTA Specialty Update Symposium

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of early and late thoracic graft dysfunction: a journey with the graft from the donor to the long-term recipient

09:00 – 12:50     ECTTA Specialty Update Symposium


SESSION 1: Thoracic organ donor management: setting the standards and pushing the limits

CHAIRS: Arne Neyrinck, Leuven, Belgium
              Luciano Potena, Bologna, Italy

09.00     Report from the Consensus Conference on Thoracic Organ Donors: recommendations and unmet needs
             Arne Neyrinck, Leuven, Belgium

09.20    Debate: How to improve transportation and reconditioning of explanted lungs:
            - reconditioning while warm perfusion
            Dirk Van Raemdonck, Leuven, Belgium
            - cold transportation and then bench reconditioning
            Shaf Keshavjee, Toronto, Canada

10.00    How to optimize heart preservation and recovery
            Bruno Podesser, Vienna

10.20    Resuscitating and transplanting a non-beating heart: “it-could-work!”
            Peter Macdonald, Sydney, Australia 

10.40    Featured abstract: "Europe's First Successful DCD Heart Transplant With Functional Assessment"
            Simon Messer, London, United Kingdom 


10:55 – 11:15    Coffee Break


SESSION 2: Controversy and new knowledge in the management of machines and immunity

CHAIRS: Michiel Erasmus, Groningen, The Netherlands
              Ugo Livi, Udine, Italy

11.15     Debate: Optimize transplantation timing in VAD patients on the waiting list:
             - Only stable VAD patients should be transplanted
             Andreas Zuckermann, Vienna, Austria
             - Only complicated VAD patients should be transplanted
             Evgenij Potapov, Berlin, Germany

11.45    Modalities, indications and outcomes of patients needing ECMO support before lung Transplantation
            Franco Valenza, Milan, Italy

12.05    Mechanisms of antibody mediated injury: looking for therapeutic targets in thoracic transplantation
            Elaine Reed, Los Angeles, United States

12.25    Featured abstract: "Lung Transplantation Outcome Is Mainly Driven By Antibody Mediated Rejection"
            Antoine Roux, Paris, France 

12.40    Closing remarks




ECCTA in pills:  
ECTTA has been endorsed to promote initiatives aimed at improving the educational and scientific opportunities ESOT can offer to professionals involved in heart and lung transplantation.

Our ambition is to become a gathering home to foster scientific growth, exchange programs, collaborative projects and funding opportunities dedicated to European heart and lung transplantation programs;

Improve quality of care for patients with end-stage heart or lung disease and for thoracic organ transplant recipients. Advance education and stimulate networking amongst thoracic transplant professionals.

To provide updates on the etiologies, mechanisms, treatment strategies and diagnostic tools of early and late dysfunction of the transplanted heart and lungs. The lectures will focus on the main strategies and mechanisms leading to graft dysfunction starting from donor and organ management, to prevention of long-term chronic immunological injury leading to graft impairment.

Target audience:
Cardiologists, Pneumologists, Cardio-thoracic surgeons, Anestesiologists, Transplant coordinators.


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