Personalization in Transplantation

09:00 – 12:50      EKITA-DESCARTES Joint Symposium

CHAIRS: Daniel Abramowicz, Antwerp, Belgium
              Rainer Oberbauer, Vienna, Austria

09:00    Definition of sensitization (including solid phase technologies) – stratification and impact on the success of the Transplant 
            Soren Schwartz Sorensen, Copenhagen 

09:20    Impact of sensitization on the waiting time – Simulations of real world data 
            Frans Claas, Leiden, The Netherlands

09:40    Cost-effectiveness of ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation and kidney paired donation 
            Umberto Maggiore, Parma, Italy   

10:00    Diagnosis and Treatment of ABMR based on the individual immunologic profile 
            Georg Böhmig, Vienna, Austria   

10:20 – 10:30     Q&A


10:30 – 11:00      Coffee Break


11:00    Novel tools/biomarkers to stratify diagnosis, prognosis and prediction using omics technologies 
            Gunilla Einecke, Hannover, Germany 

11:30    Pathophysiology and drug mechanism of action: systematic integration and linking with outcome
            Bernd Mayer, emergentec.com, Vienna, Austria 

12:00 – 12:50    Q&A to personalization in transplantation – live polls 
                      Franco Citterio, Rome, Italy 



EKITA in pills:
EKITA is the kidney section of ESOT and deals with all aspects of renal transplantation. As a European platform, EKITA supports research, education and clinical work in this area. Furthermore, EKITA is highly ambitious in preparing policies and creating transnational interactions to advance renal allografting in all European member states.

The main goal of EKITA is to improve quality of life of people with ESRD by advancing all aspects of kidney transplantation.

The ultimate aim of EKITA is the optimization of renal transplantation trough activities in research, education, clinical collaboration and health policy.

To provide an overview and offer specific solutions for the ‘complicated’/sensitized patient. Solutions range from individualization through omics technologies to bioinformatics approaches.

Target audience:
Transplant surgeons and physicians, nephrologist, immunologists at all stages of training and expertise.


DESCARTES (Developing Education Science and Care for Renal Transplantation in European States) is a Working Group of ERA-EDTA.


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