ELITA Specialty Update Symposium

Advances and challenges of Liver Transplantation for HCV liver cirrhosis

09:00 – 12:50     ELITA Specialty Update Symposium

09:00    Introduction    
            Paolo Muiesan, Birmingham, United Kingdom
            Christophe Duvoux, Paris, France


SESSION 1:  Liver Transplantation for patients with HCV Liver Cirrhosis

CHAIRS: Luca S Belli, Milan, Italy
Thomas Berg, Leipzig, Germany                

09:15    Liver transplantation for HCV liver cirrhosis in Europe – results from the ELTR
            Rene Adam, Paris, France

09:35    The new weapons and their combinations: the present and 5 year outlook
            Thomas Berg, Leipzig, Germany

09:55    Expected epidemiologic changes in the liver transplant lists in Europe    
            Stefano Fagiuoli, Bergamo, Italy

10.20 – 10:40    Q&A


10:40 – 11:10      Coffee Break


SESSION 2: The new treatments for Hepatitis C in liver transplant candidates and recipients

CHAIRS:    Christophe Duvoux, Paris, France 
                 Stefano Fagiuoli, Bergamo, Italy

11:10    New  regimens in listed patients and ELITA recommendations
            Luca S Belli, Milan, Italy

11:30    New regimens for post transplant HCV disease recurrence and ELITA recommendations
            Christophe Duvoux, Paris, France

11:50    Cost effectiveness and sustainability of the new regimens
            Sylvie Deuffic, Paris, France    

12:10    Final results on the SILVER Study
             Edward Geissler, Regensburg, Germany

12:30 – 12:50    Q&A




ELITA in pills:
The European Liver and Intestine Transplantation Association is a multi-discipliniary Society of health professionals in liver and intestine transplantation which is the official professional society delegated by ESOT for liver and intestine transplantation in Europe.

To provide a range of educational activities, stimulate discussion and influence European legislation in liver and intestine transplantation. In partnership with the European Liver Transplant Registry to stimulate clinical research and publications from analysis of the registry.

Our aim is to set guidelines and standards and to provide education and support in liver and intestine transplantation within the European Countries

Liver transplantation in HCV liver cirrhosis, antiviral treatment before and after transplantation, results of current trials, recommendations for HCV treatment

To provide the liver transplant professionals with up to date information on liver transplantation in HCV liver cirrhosis and current therapeutic strategies

Target audience: 
Liver transplant surgeons and hepatologists, HPB surgeons and general hepatologists, HPB oncologists, specialist nurses in liver transplantation, HPB, hepatology and oncology.


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