EPITA Specialty Update Symposium

Future Challenges in Pancreas and Islet Transplantation

09:00 – 12:50     EPITA Specialty Update Symposium

SESSION 1:  Unstable diabetes and treatment options 

CHAIRS:     Johann Pratschke, Berlin, Germany  
                  Steve White, Newcastle, United Kingdom

09:00    Pancreas transplantation? 
            Stephen Bartlett, Baltimore, United States

09:30    Islet  transplantation?
            Paul Johnson, Oxford, United Kingdom

10:00    We do not need either – we have insulin and technology 
            Pratik Choudhary, London, United Kingdom  

10:30 – 10:40    Q&A


10:40 – 11:10   Coffee Break


SESSION 2: The future of beta cell therapy 

CHAIRS:     Paul Johnson, Oxford, United Kingdom 
                   Andreas Pascher, Berlin, Germany

11:10    The first clinical experience with islet scaffolds  
            Barbara Ludwig, Dresden, Germany

11:40    Stem cells are the future
            Eelco de Koning, Leiden, The Netherlands    

12:10    Islet encapsulation
            Berit Løkengard Strand, Trondheim, Norway    




EPITA in pills:
The European pancreas and Islet Transplantation Association is a section of ESOT founded to provide a Forum for the pancreas and islet transplantation community in Europe.

To facilitate the exchange of information of the field of pancreas and islet transplantation.

The aim of EPITA is to contribute to the development of the pancreas and islet transplantation field and of alternate forms of beta-cell replacement therapy for the benefit of patients suffering from type 1 diabetes.

To review recent developments in pancreas and islet transplantation. To aim for an excellent graft survival despite increasing challenges in organ quality.

Target audience:
Transplant surgeons and physicians, transplant coordinator, nurses and medical student with an interest in transplantation of pancreas and islets.


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