Final Programme

From the Heart of Europe to the World of Transplantation








16:30 – 18:30                   OPENING & PLENARY SESSION 1: ESOT Meets the World            LIVE CASTED

16:30 – 16:45                   Welcome addresses by the Congress Chairs:
                                         Jan Lerut, Brussels, Belgium;
                                         Dirk van Raemdonck, Leuven, Belgium


16:45 – 18:00                ESOT MEETS THE WORLD 
                                      GENERAL AUDIENCE – DONATION POLICIES – POLITICS – CULTURAL ISSUES     

Moderator: John Forsythe, ESOT President 

Forum on major issues on Transplantation:

  • Basic science challenges in transplantation today
  • Clinical issues that need to be overcome in solid organ transplantation
  • The answer to deceased donor donation; increasing the levels
  • Living donation, ethically unjustified or the golden answer?
  • The next big thing in Transplantation
  • In ten years...

Discussants: ​

  • The American Society of Transplantation (AST)
    Roslyn Mannon, Birmingham, United States
  • The Asian Society of Transplantation (AST)
    Chao-Long Chen, Taipei, Taiwan
  • The Middle East Society of Transplantation (MESOT)
    Seyed Ali Malek-Hosseini, Shiraz, Iran   
  • The South Latin American & Caribbean Society of Transplantation (STALYC)
    Valter Duro Garcia​, Porto Alegre, Brasil


18:00 – 18:20                Keynote presentation: Building a more Social Europe, One Step at a Time
                                      Herman van Rompuy, President Emeritus of the European Council 


18:20 – 18:45                PIANO PERFORMANCE by Enrica Ciccarelli and Edoardo Zosi


19:00 – 20:00                ePoster ‘Speed Dating’ Session Opening 

19:00 – 22:00                Networking evening: A night at the Square






09:10 – 10:40                 STATE OF THE ART 1: Global warming in transplantation            LIVE CASTED 
                                       SURGEONS&COORDINATORS - INCREASING THE ORGAN POOL QUALITY AND QUANTITY                                       

Chairs:                            Diethard Monbaliu, Leuven, Belgium
                                       Benoit Barrou, Paris, France

09:10                              Cool is beautiful  
                                       Philipp Dutkowski, Zurich, Switzerland     

09:30                              Can we escape global warming?
                                       Gabriel Oniscu, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

09:50                              Keeping the heart warm and the lungs breathing
                                       Martin Strueber, Grand Rapids, United States

10:10                              The down of the new ice age
                                       Korkut Uygun, Boston, United States

10:30                              Q&A                                


09:10 – 10:40                 STATE OF THE ART 2: B-yond the horizon: humoral responses in transplantation                   

Chairs:                            Menna Clatworthy, Cambridge, United Kingdom
                                       Birgit Sawitzki, Berlin, Germany

09:10                              Humoral responses: basic concepts in cinemascope!
                                       Facundo Batista, London, United Kingdom

09:30                              Detection and clinical relevance of donor specific antibodies
                                       Frans Claas, Leiden, Netherlands

09:50                              Antibody-independent functions of B cells in allograft rejection
                                       Geetha Chalasani, Pittsburgh, United States

10:10                              B cells not always the bad guys: B cell regulatory functions
                                       Sophie Brouard, Nantes, France

10:30                              Q&A   


09:10 – 10:40                 STATE OF THE ART 3: Decision tree or lottery: allocating grafts and therapies                  

Chairs:                            Roslyn Mannon, Birmingham, United States
                                       Luuk Hilbrands, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

09:10                              Tailor made organ allocation
                                       Axel Rahmel, DSO, Germany

09:30                              Tailor made surgery     
                                       Peter Friend, Oxford, United Kingdom

09:50                              Tailor made immunosuppression
                                       Teun van Gelder, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

10:10                              Tailor made post transplant follow up?
                                       Bryce Kiberd, Halifax, Canada


10:40 – 11:10                 Coffee Break


11:10 – 12:40                 SPECIAL FOCUS SESSION: The Devil's Advocate                      

Contradictory discussion of clinical trials

Chairs:                            Thierry Berney, Geneva, Switzerland
                                       Luciano Potena, Bologna, Italy

Case 1. Is Liver Transplantation an Option in Colorectal Cancer Patients with Nonresectable Liver Metastases and Progression on All Lines of Standard Chemotherapy?
Ann Surg Oncol. 2014 Oct 9. [Epub ahead of print]. Dueland S, Hagness M, Line PD, Guren TK, Tveit KM, Foss A. 

11:10                               Defender: Aksel Foss, Oslo, Norway

11:20                               Opponent: François-René Pruvot, Lille, France

11:30                               Discussion

Case 2. Everolimus initiation and early calcineurin inhibitor withdrawal in heart transplant recipients: a randomized trial.
Am J Transplant. 2014 Aug. Andreassen AK, Andersson B, Gustafsson F, Eiskjaer H, Radegran G, Gude E, Jansson, K, Solbu D, Sigurdardottir V, Arora S, Dellgren G, Gullestad L. 

11:40                               Defender: Arne Andreassen, Oslo, Norway

11:50                               Opponent: Luciano Potena, Bologna, Italy

12:00                               Discussion

Case 3. Gestational hypertension and preeclampsia in living kidney donors.
N Engl J Med. 2015 Jan 8; Garg AX, Nevis IF, McArthur E, Sontrop JM, Koval JJ, Lam NN, Hildebrand AM, Reese PP, Storsley L, Gill JS, Segev DL, Habbous S, Bugeja A, Knoll GA, Dipchand C, Monroy-Cuadros M, Lentine KL; DONOR Network.

12:10                               Defender: Amit Garg, London (Ontario), Canada

12:20                               Opponent: Frank Dor, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

12:30                               Discussion


13:00 – 14:00                 Lunch Break


13:00 – 14:00                 Future Leaders Forum by YPT  (Young Professionals in Transplantation)              

Introduced by:                Murat Dayangac, Istanbul, Turkey
                                       Annemarie Weissenbacher, Innsbruck, Austria

Chairs:                            Dorry Segev, Baltimore, United States
                         Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria                                                          

Forum with representatives from: 

  • ILTS Vanguard Group: Burcin Ekser, Indianapolis, United States
  • ASTS Vanguard Group: Mike Englesbe, Ann Arbor, United States
  • ESOT: Antje Habicht, Munich, Germany
  • British Transplantation Society: Bynvant Sandhu, London, United Kingdom
  1. Should I stay or should I go? 
    Is it more useful to stay in one institution throughout your education, or is it more advisable to complete fellowships abroad, changing institution to gain a broader experience? How do you get to the top? Organizing your own career with "center hopping" or rather staying in one place and "grow up" in the same team?
  2. To specialize or not to specialize?
    Recognized specializations in transplant surgery and medicine are not available in all countries. Should you narrow your education down to become a specialist in transplantation or is a broader education in general surgery/hepatology/nephrology a better bet.


14:05 – 15:30                 PLENARY SESSION 2: Of men and machine            LIVE CASTED 

                                       GENERAL INTEREST – ARTIFICIAL ORGANS

Chairs:                            Thierry Berney, Geneva, Switzerland
                                       Gabriel Oniscu, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

14:05                              Ethics & the Robot: Updating Asimov
                                       Liam Plant, Cork, Ireland

14:25                              Printing the human body  
                                       John D Jackson, Winston-Salem, United States

14:45                              Artificial organs: a step towards the bionic man?  
                                       Shuvo Roy, San Francisco, United States 


15:05                              Keynote presentation II: I, Cyborg!
                                       Kevin Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom


15:35 – 16:00                 Coffee Break


16:00 – 17:00                 BEYOND THE HORIZON 1: The future of the human body            LIVE CASTED      

Chairs:                            Franco Citterio, Rome, Italy
                                       Andreas Pascher, Berlin, Germany

16:00                              Giving Birth to Uterus Transplantation
                                       Mats Brännström, Gothenburg, Sweden

16:20                              Neural stem cells for spinal cord repair – Ready to walk the talk?
                                       Norbert Weidner, Heidelberg, Germany

16:40                              Changing the face of transplantation
                                       Stephen Bartlett, Baltimore, United States


16:00 – 17:00                 BEYOND THE HORIZON 2: The race of tolerance with regenerative medicine                           

Chairs:                            Alain Le Moine, Brussels, Belgium 
                                       Thomas Wekerle, Vienna, Austria

16:00                              The Odyssey of tolerance induction in solid organ transplantation
                                       Herman Waldmann, Oxford, United Kingdom

16:20                              The promises of regenerative medicine
                                       Harold Ott, Boston, United States     

16:40                              Racing against or complementing each other?
                                       Sam Strober, Palo Alto, United States


17:00 – 18:00                 ESOT meets the Editors                              

Round table and interactive session with questions from the floor to discuss issues related to medical journal publication:                        

  • Impact factor: how is it calculated?
  • Reviewing process
  • Submitters’ choice and common mistakes

Moderator:                                                           Philip Halloran, Edmonton, Canada

Editors from major medical journals present and answer questions from the audience:

  • American Journal of Transplantation (AJT): Sandy Feng, San Francisco, United States, Deputy Editor
                                          John O’Grady, London, United Kingdom, Deputy Editor
  • Transplant International (TI):                    Thomas Wekerle, Vienna, Austria, Editor-in-Chief
  • Transplantation Direct:                              Edward Geissler, Regensburg, Germany, Executive Editor
  • Transplantation:                                        Carla Baan, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Editor
  • ​PLoS One:                                                Lorna Marson, Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Academic Editor                 


17:00 – 18:00                 HOTT Project Workshop - Organ trafficking anno 2015: the latest insights            

Chairs:                            Jan Lerut, Brussels, Belgium
                                       Willem Weimar, Rotterdam, The Netherlands                                                                                     

17:00                              Revealing the modus operandi of organ trafficking networks     
                                       Martin Gunnarson, Lund, Sweden                           

17:20                              Tackling organ trafficking: a prosecutor’s perspective     
                                       Jonathan Ratel, Pristina, Kosovo              

17:40                              Transplant professionals should breach their secrecy oath           
                                       Frederike Ambagtsheer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands     






09:10 – 10:40                 STATE OF THE ART 4: Markers and makers of success and failure            LIVE CASTED       

Chairs:                            Minnie Sarwal, San Francisco, United States
                                       Alberto Sanchez Fueyo, London, United Kingdom

09:10                              Personalized medicine and precision medicine in solid organ transplantation
                                       Alexandre Loupy, Paris, France

09:30                              Drinking from the fire hose– a critical appraisal of biomarkers in transplantation
                                       Rainer Oberbauer, Vienna, Austria

09:50                              Facing the hurdles to clinical implementation of novel biomarkers
                                       Hans-Dieter Volk, Berlin, Germany

10:10                              Biomarker implementation in clinical practice: the regulatory agency's perspective
                                       Thorsten Vetter, EMA London, United Kingdom

10:30                               Q&A


09:10 – 10:40                 STATE OF THE ART 5: The new frontier: transplantation across antibody barriers                 

Chairs:                            Frans Claas, Leiden, Netherlands
                                       Denis Glotz, Paris, France

09:10                              Squaring the circle: Hybridizing desensitization with paired exchange 
                                       Bob Montgomery, Baltimore, United States

09:30                              Acceptable mismatches, past and future
                                       Sebastian Heidt, Leiden,The Netherlands

09:50                              ABO incompatible liver transplantation
                                       Gi-Won Song, Seoul, Korea

10:10                              Autoantibodies against the graft, do they mean anything?
                                       Dany Anglicheau, Paris, France

10:30                              Q&A


09:10 – 10:40                 STATE OF THE ART 6: The enemy within: improving compliance and drug levels                    

Chairs:                            Patrizia Burra, Padova, Italy
                                       Teun van Gelder, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

09:10                              Intra-patient variability of drug concentrations as a predictor of non-adherence
                                       Dirk Kuypers, Leuven, Belgium

09:30                              Risk factors of poor adherence, prevention and education in adult
                                       Giacomo Germani, Padova, Italy

09:50                              New tools to detect non-adherence
                                       Sabina de Geest, Basel, Switzerland

10:10                              The journey from adolescence to adulthood
                                       Paul Harden, Oxford, United Kingdom

10:30                               Q&A


10:40 – 11:10                 Coffee Break


11:10 – 12:40                 SPECIAL FOCUS SESSION: The Devil's Advocate                 

Contradictory discussion of Basic Science Studies

Chairs:                             Alain Le Moine, Brussels, Belgium
                                        Thomas Wekerle, Vienna, Austria

Case 1. G-CSF mobilizes CD34+ regulatory monocytes that inhibit graft-versus-host disease
Maud D’Aveni, Julien Rossignol, Tereza Coman, Shivajanani Sivakumaran,  Stephen Henderson, Teresa Manzo, Pedro Santos e Sousa, Julie Bruneau, Guillemette Fouquet, Flora Zavala, Olinda Alegria-Prévot, Meriem Garfa-Traoré, Felipe Suarez, Hélène Trebeden-Nègre, Mohamad Mohty, Clare L. Bennett, Ronjon Chakraverty, Olivier Hermine, and Marie-Thérèse Rubio

11:10                               Defender: Olivier Hermine, Paris, France 

11:20                               Opponent: James Hutchinson, Regensburg, Germany

11:30                               Discussion

Case 2. Non-self recognition by monocytes initiates allograft rejection
Martin H. Oberbarnscheidt, Qiang Zeng,Qi Li,Hehua Dai, Amanda L. Williams, Warren D. Shlomchik, David M. Rothstein, and Fadi G. Lakkis

11:40                               Defender: Fadi Lakkis, Pittsburgh, United States

11:50                               Opponent: Herman Waldmann, Oxford, United Kingdom 

12:00                               Discussion

Case 3. Inhibition of the mTORC Pathway in the Antiphospholipid Syndrome
Guillaume Canaud, M.D., Ph.D., Frank Bienaimé, M.D., Ph.D., Fanny Tabarin, M.S., Guillaume Bataillon, M.D., Danielle Seilhean, M.D., Laure-Hélène Noël, M.D.,Marie-Agnès Dragon-Durey, M.D., Ph.D., Renaud Snanoudj, M.D., Ph.D., Gérard Friedlander, M.D., Ph.D., Lise Halbwachs-Mecarelli, Ph.D., Christophe Legendre, M.D., and Fabiola Terzi, M.D., Ph.D.

12:10                               Defender: Guillaume Canaud, Paris, France

12:20                               Opponent: Alexandre Hertig, Paris, France 

12:30                               Discussion


11:10 – 12:40                 Guess what? Striking clinical cases by the ESOT Education Committee                             

Interactive and very instructive session where difficult cases and difficult decisions will be addressed as in a quiz. Win confidence and solve the problem.                                                  

Chairs:                             Patrizia Burra, Padova, Italy      
                                        Frank Dor, Rotterdam, The Netherlands              

  • The ascites that would not go away
    John O’Grady, London, United Kingdom
  • An extreme case in live donor kidney transplantation - when is it time to stop?
    Nizam Mamode, London, United Kingdom


13:00 – 14:00                 Lunch Break


13:00 – 14:00                 Rising Stars Video Session by YPT                                                                                        

New methods not always become ‘public’, we are going to look for hidden rising stars to make them visible! This session is reserved for innovative projects or methodology that will be presented in a video.

Chair:                              Dries Braat, Leiden, the Netherlands

13:00                               Surgical treatment for chylous ascites after laparoscopic donor nephrectomy
                                        Mert Altinel, Ankara, Turkey

13:10                               Splenic artery transposition for arterial reconstruction in living donor liver transplantation: a perfect substitute
                                        Arzu Oezcelik, Istanbul, Turkey

13:20                               Right-sided donor nephrectomy with hand-assisted retroperitoneoscopic approach
                                        offers increased safety with excellent outcome
                                        Soyakan Barlas, Istanbul, Turkey

13:30                               Optimized decellularization of rat livers by arterial and portal venous perfusion under oscillating pressure conditions
                                        Karl Hillebrandt, Berlin, Germany

13:40                               Sub-normothermic oxygenated machine perfusion ameliorated recipient survival
                                        after mouse liver transplantation using DCD grafts
                                        Masato Fujiyoshi, Hokkaido, Japan


14:05 – 15:30                  PLENARY SESSION 3: Transplantation 2.0.15            LIVE CASTED       

Chairs:                             Pietro Cippà, Zurich, Switzerland
                                        Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria

14:05                               Social Media and transplantation: an ethical point of view
                                        Adam Peña, Houston, United States   

14:25                               Age of real-time medicine
                                        Bart Van Den Bosch, Leuven, Belgium

14:45                               Will Big Data reshape transplantation?
                                        Dorry Segev, Baltimore, United States


15:05                               Keynote presentation III: Reshaping healthcare through eHealth
                                        Lucien Engelen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


15:35 – 16:00                 Coffee Break


16:00 – 17:00                 BEYOND THE HORIZON 3: Organ resuscitation lab            LIVE CASTED         

Chairs:                             Dirk van Raemdonck, Leuven, Belgium
                                        Chris Watson, Cambridge, United Kingdom       

16:00                               Organ reconditioning: the new transplant evolution?
                                        Jacques Pirenne, Leuven, Belgium

16:20                               From scaffolds to functioning organs   
                                        Andrea Gobin, Houston, United States

16:40                               The organ hub – the future model for solid organ transplantation
                                        Shaf Keshavjee, Toronto, Canada  


16:00 – 17:00                 BEYOND THE HORIZON 4: Crazy transplants or transplants of tomorrow?                

Chairs:                            Gerald Brandacher, Baltimore, United States
                                        Benoit Lengele, Brussels, Belgium             

16:00                               Vascularized organ xenotransplantation
                                        Robin Pierson, Baltimore, United States

16:20                               Growing new organs in vivo
                                        Hiro Nakauchi, San Francisco, United States

16:40                               Heart transplantation from non-heart-beating donors
                                        Hendrik Tevaearai, Berne, Switzerland






09:10 – 10:30                 STATE OF THE ART 7: Immunosuppression: Is the pipeline empty?   
                                       GENERAL PHYSICIANS - HOW TO GET NEW DRUGS IN OUR FIELD                   

Chairs:                             Josep Grinyo, Barcelona, Spain
                                        Karl Martin Wissing, Brussels, Belgium

09:10                               Promising novel agents: what happened to them?
                                        Klemens Budde, Berlin, Germany

09:30                               What are the new immunosuppressive drugs in the pipeline?
                                        Christophe Legendre, Paris, France

09:50                               New immunosuppressants: interaction between academia, biopharma and regulatory agencies
                                        Randall Morris, Palo Alto, United States 

10:10                               Drug repositioning: teaching old drugs new tricks
                                        Yves Moreau, Leuven, Belgium

10:30                               Q&A


09:10 – 10:30                 STATE OF THE ART 8: Cell therapy: Hit or miss?

Chairs:                             Edward  Geissler, Regensburg, Germany
                                        Andreas Pascher, Berlin, Germany

09:10                               Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Organ Transplantation
                                        Carla Baan, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

09:30                               Application of suppressive antigen presenting cells in transplantation
                                        James Hutchinson, Regensburg, Germany

09:50                               The present status and future of regulatory T cell therapy in organ transplantation
                                        Robert Lechler, London, United Kingdom

10:10                               Cell therapy for diabetes
                                        Camillo Ricordi, Miami, United States

10:30                               Q&A


09:10 – 10:30                 STATE OF THE ART 9: Life after transplantation: blessing or curse?            

Chairs:                            Giacomo Germani, Padova, Italy
                                       Jan Lerut, Brussels, Belgium                 

09:10                              Long-term organ transplant recipient survivors: quality of life
                                       Christiane Kugler, Hannover, Germany

09:30                              Sexual function and fertility after solid organ transplant
                                       Patrizia Burra, Padova, Italy

09:50                              Pregnancy after solid organ transplant
                                       Corinne Hubinont, Brussels, Belgium

10:10                              Physical activity and sports in organ transplant recipients
                                       Alessandro Nanni Costa, Rome, Italy

10:30                              Q&A


10:40 – 11:10                 Coffee Break


11:00 – 13:00                 PLENARY SESSION 4: Beyond the Horizon
                                       Presidential & Honorary Membership                     

Chairs:                            John Forsythe, ESOT President
                                       ESOT newly elected President 

11:00                              Keynote presentation IV: Beyond the Horizon: the astronaut’s view
                                       Jean-Francois Clervoy, European Space Agency 

11:20                              Beyond the horizon in clinical science
                                       Maarten Naesens, Leuven, Belgium

11:40                              Beyond the horizon in basic science
                                       Menna Clatworthy, Cambridge, United Kingdom

12:00                              Presidential address

12:15                              Jan Lerut celebrating Honorary Member SG Lee, Seoul, South Korea     

12:35                              Rutger Ploeg  celebrating Honorary Member Gerhard Opelz, Heidelberg, Germany
12.55 - 13.00                  Closing remarks




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