Getting around

Public Transport and Bike Rental

Public transport

Most public transport in the Brussels-Capital Region is organized by the STIB (Société des Transports Intercommunaux Bruxellois). The network includes metro lines, which connect the eastern and western districts of the city. Pre-metro lines (trams in tunnels) complete the metro service. A great many metro lines also have above ground bus and tram connections.
Timetables: 06:00 until midnight. Consult the timetables shown at the stops.

Buying your ticket:
- in the various metro stations and at the STIB information offices
- at many newsagents
- at Brussels International - Tourism, Town Hall, Grand-Place | 1000 (1-day cards only) and BIP - rue Royale 2-4 | Brussels 1000

Fares available:
- single ticket JUMP
- return trip
- card for 5 journeys JUMP
- card for 10 journeys JUMP
- 1-day card JUMP
- airport line one way ticket

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Rent a bike

Villo! is very useful for riding short distances in Brussels, in an ecological way. Villo! counts about 360 stations distributed in 19 Brussels municipalities, that’s about 5000 bikes at your disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

You can buy a short term ticket (1 or 7 days) with your bank card at one of the Villo! terminals that are equipped with a card reader. Follow the instructions on the screen and slide your bank or credit card in the reader. You have to have a sufficient balance in your account (>150€) to be able to hire a bicycle. If the user fails to comply with the General Conditions of Access and Use of the Villo! service, the amount of the bond can be charged to your account partially or in full.

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