Welcome to ESOT2015

The biennial congress of ESOT will take place in the capital of Europe – the theme for the meeting is 'From the Heart of Europe to the World of Transplantation'.

ESOT 2015 will build on the recent very successful meetings in Vienna and Glasgow with all forms of modern educational and training aids in use. Besides different State of the Art sessions dealing with several, still burning, questions about organ donation and transplantation, many important European contributions in the field of organ and tissue transplantation as well as procurement will be highlighted. Attention will also be given to the European view in relation to ethical and legal aspects in the field of donation and transplantation. 

The target audience for the meeting includes all professionals involved in clinical care and research related to organ and cellular transplantation as well as organ and tissue donation. Beside transplant researchers, physicians and surgeons, all different allied health professionals involved in transplantation and donation such as pharmacists, nurses, psychologists, nutrition and rehabilitation specialists, clinical and donation coordinators are warmly welcome. The meeting is also addressed to health care professionals involved in the expanding fields of care of organ failure and regenerative medicine.

Brussels is the thriving centre of Europe. Brussels is home to the European Commission, Parliament and NATO, a buzzing, influential city where history is made. The city is a key European commercial hub too, a base for many progressive international companies. But more than that, Brussels is a compact city, friendly, and positive, cosmopolitan, easy to get around. Eating out plays a significant part in Belgian life! Along with the celebrated local cuisine, there are restaurants representing every corner of the globe. Nightlife is lively, with plenty of activities. There is something for everyone. For a major European capital, Brussels is surprisingly eco-friendly too, peppered with parks and green spaces. A walk through Brussels takes you through a potted architectural history, from ancient medieval buildings to strikingly modern edifices, taking in the Art Nouveau styling of illustrious architect Victor Horta along the way.

We look forward to seeing you at a very fruitful and memorable congress in the capital of the European Union!



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