Presentation Guidelines

PowerPoint is the only presentation tool available in all session halls. The Auditorium Henri Le Boeuf in the Bozar, which hosts the main plenary sessions, will have both Prezi and PowerPoint available.

For speakers’ better comfort and high effectiveness of the “Slide centre-Solution”, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Speakers are kindly asked to observe that only computers provided by the Congress may be used for showing presentations. All PowerPoint presentations must be handed in at the preview centre.
  2. All presentations are loaded into a PowerPoint handling system that will store and distribute your presentation to the session hall in time for your session.
  3. All PowerPoint presentations should be handed in at least 2-4 hours before the session starts.
  4. Please check your presentation carefully on the preview room computer assigned by the staff before the final sign off.
  5. The professional staff of the preview centre will load your presentation into the system so that it will be available on the computer in your session hall when you come to speak.
  6. If you are giving more than one speech during the Congress, you may upload all your presentations at the same time and they will be sent to their corresponding session halls at the time of your sessions.
  7. The PowerPoint handling and distribution system is optimized for MS PowerPoint 2010 (Office 2010) and “*.pdf” (Adobe Acrobat)-files. The uploading of “DVD-Movies” is not supported.
  8. The supported data media are: CD, DVD (as Data-storage-medium) and USB-Memory (Stick). All needed files – movie files included – must be on the data media. Presentations can also be taken off speaker’s notebooks at the Preview centre.
  9. Fonts used in the presentations should be “Latin-based fonts”. If the speaker needs special fonts, they should be stored as “embedded fonts” with the presentation (File --> save as “name of presentation” and under “tools” --> save options, mark the checkbox “embed True type fonts” and select “embed all characters”).
  10. When using mathematical symbols please use those available under Latin fonts (unicode or DOS: Western Europe). These can be shown seamlessly in Office 2010.
  11. “MPEG2 – movies” is the preferred format for embedded movies; *.avi, *.wmv files are also accepted. If you are using Codecs, please choose the Code package DIVx in the current version, which can be found at
  12. Presentations should be saved as “*.ppt”, “*.pptx” ( = PowerPoint) or “*.pps”, “*.ppsx” (=PowerPoint Slideshow) – files; movies should be saved as separate files on the data media.
  13. The presentation computers and projectors will be set up and optimised for 4:3 aspect ratio.
  14. Presentations on Prezi must be saved as a portable Prezi file .exe or export as a .pez and can be run ONLY in the Auditorium Henri Le Boeuf at the Bozar (main room for plenary sessions). We would need the presentation or a preview version before the event to check that everything is running correctly.
  15. Please note all presentations need to be stand-alone as no internet connection will be available.


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