Session Room Setup

Information for presenters and speakers

In addition to the video and audio system, each session room is equipped with:

  • Laptop and/or LCD monitor at the lectern
  • A mouse and/or keyboard
  • Laser pointer

This applies to Copper Hall, Silver Hall, Hall M and 300, Studio Room, The Arc, Studio 211-212, Studio 213-215, Studio 214-216, Studio 201, Studio 202, Studio 206.

Main halls are also equipped with comfort monitors.

Special instructions are delivered to speakers and chairs presenting in Auditorium Le Boeuf and in the Gold Hall.

Set up in the rooms dedicated to Brief Oral presentations is meant to facilitate interaction and fast running presentations. These rooms will have no lectern; presentations are pre-loaded as submitted by the author/s.

Each session room will be staffed with an audiovisual (A/V) technician and a hostess, who will assist with the start of each presentation. Before the session begins, the A/V technician will confirm that all presentations are loaded and accounted for.

If the AV technician notices a missing presentation then he/she will contact the Speaker Preview Room for verification and notify the moderator if necessary. Once the presentation is launched, the presenter will control it from the podium using a computer mouse and/or keyboard (which can also be used in lieu of a laser pointer).


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